Potty training is an important part of the life of your child. To some, this could be a daunting task but with the proper knowledge, it could be done seamlessly. Below are some dependable tips that any parents could follow.

Do not force your child. If ever there is a sign of resistance or he does not want to cooperate, try to back off. It would be best to save your efforts later. Using force to your child to use the potty will just lead to problems. Encourage him to the potty training through fun activities. Your child needs to have fun for his willingness to come naturally. You could get his cooperation through playing games and reading some stories.  

Instead of scolding, it’s better to praise. It would be harmful to the training if you keep in scolding your child for some accidents. Do not forget to give praise every time he does well in the potty training. For the training, use a potty chair. This will be more comfortable for him since he could perfectly lay his feet on the ground. This training would be hard if your child do not need to go potty. With this, make sure that he takes plenty of fluids for it could help. This would also help your child avoid constipation.

Make sure to do the potty training in the same time regularly. This will help him make the potty time a part of life or part of his daily activities. The training should become a habit and with this, there is a good chance that your child will not anymore forget about it.

Since your child does not know how to wipe effectively, you need to help. It would definitely be your reasonability to help in the wiping for until your child is around 4 years old. Proper wiping is very important for it could prevent health issues such as urinary tract infection.